Why the scale can be a jerk!


Shifting our focus to a more sustainable approach to weight-loss.

Bridgecity Wellness is all about creating healthy lifestyle habits  and when it comes to weight loss I want to offer up some new ways of thinking. First, the scale is an excellent tool that provides us information in regards to your body weight in relationship to gravity. What it does not indicate is your body composition changes as in possibly reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. Those two goals were elected 90% of our clients as their top priorities. Also, we want to make sure you are losing fat mass not lean body mass.  There are many other effective tools such as how your clothes are fitting and utilizing an InBody scan, DEXA or BOD POD scan. These tools can help create many avenues to track your progress towards a sustainable weight loss goal.

I’d like to share with you my personal experience utilizing one of the Inbody 230 scan.

Date Weight lbs BF% Body Fat Mass Skeletal Mass
March 2016 141.1 17.1 24.4 64.4
August 2017 137.6 12.6 17.2 67.6
Feb 10 2018 141.3 15.3 21.6 67.0
May 27 2018 146.2 14.3 20.9 70.1

Since I’ve started using the Isagenix Cleansing Program and AMPED Line, I’ve lost 4 lbs of fat and gained 6 lbs of muscle!  Photo on the left shows April 2017-August 2017, body weight is the same yet the image displays the composition change. If you’re interested in getting this scan done for yourself, we have established group rates and can help you set up an appointment.transformationmuscle

In closing, I’d like to make a few suggestions to help you redefine your relationship with this tool. First off, what really matters is your attitude when approaching the scale. If we are going to the scale to validate our success, or to punish ourselves for having too much fun-then this is where our strategy needs some adjusting. If you step on the scale and its two pounds higher than you were anticipating, where does this take you mentally? Down the rabbit hole of guilt and shame? or does it motivate you to stick to your nutrition and workout plan? The scale will simply validate your attitude and how you feel as you are approaching the scale.  Decide who is in control; the scale or you?  This is a powerful shift. Also, you should expect fluctuations (3-5 lbs is normal) when tracking weight. What we want to see is a steady progression in the right direction over time. All and any progress is success.

We’d also like to celebrate these things we call ‘No Scale Victories’- {NSVs} these are accomplishments like:

  • clothes are fitting better
  • more energy
  • less cravings
  • more strength during workouts
  • better sleep

These significant mindset wins are a crucial element of building a healthy lifestyle. And as we begin to celebrate these minor victories, these habits will help create the ultimate desired results.

Learn more about the In Body Scanning technology: https://www.inbodyusa.com/pages/technology

Stop counting calories! Portion control & Mindful eating tips! https://bridgecitywellness.wordpress.com/2017/02/13/stop-counting-calories/





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